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Stormy Collection grows..

I know that I have shown you our Stormy design before in our cot quilt sizes but I recently completed a couple of quilt cover orders in both the Stormy cloud and raindrop fabric so I have photographed them to show how they can be styled with our other items.

storm cloud quilt cover


Quilt covers are made from 100% organic cotton sateen top and printed with eco friendly dyes in the USA. We offer this product only as a custom order to give you the opportunity to match up cots with big beds or to continue your style through as bub gets bigger.

I wonder if you like the clouds or the raindrops quilt better??

storm pillows

stormy cot


And I am still making cot quilts in the raindrops and the patchwork as well and lots of cute cushions to go with them. You can check them out in store here.

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Black and White Nursery Trend

One thing that has really changed when it comes to creating nurseries and kids rooms is that people have become more accepting of using black.
What do you think of this??

I really like this but I am a fan of having a graphic base like this and adding in plenty of texture and colour. And really, kids toys are just so colourful they become the key injections of colour in the space anyway.

bw1bw2bw3b:wbedblack and white kids rooms 4


This minimalist scandinavian inspired style is so very popular for adult interiors that it is natural that the look has crept into childrens spaces.

I think it looks best with a mix of some texture and some natural finishes like some timber. It also looks great with vintage pieces and I will show you some more colourful vintage styles next week.
It is quite distinct and it is so interesting how nurseries differ around different areas of the world. For example I find that American nurseries always seem to have a lot of soft furnishing and upholstered pieces and everything is layered and matching.  Sometimes to the extreme.  I will do another post showing some examples.  I don’t really know if us Aussies have a distinctive look , what do you think?

You can check all kinds of nurseries and kids rooms on my pinterest boards.

I would encourage you to feel free to mix things up a bit when decorating, recycle things, repaint furniture mix and match fabrics..but most of all make it yours.


You can find sources to the lovely images featured here through my nursery and kids room boards on pinterest.

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Stormy Collection..

stormy crib quilt by alphabet monkey.com.austorm2

Think moody grey skies, lightning bolts and raindrops..the Stormy collection has been extended with a new patch quilt and a few new cushion covers in a heavy weight drill.

As I have mentioned before this ranged is designed by me for Alphabet Monkey and printed up in a small supply to create this nursery look. And as we know black is becoming more and more acceptable for nurseries so don’t be afraid to use it to create a bold statement.
I like the print so much I have used it for Campbells room. For a bigger boy you could mix the cushion motifs with other plain lined or something you find in bold geometrics to contrast. you know i don’t do single bed sizes but what some of you have been doing is getting a boor size quilt 105x140cm and using it as a feature throw as it covers almost half the bed. I can turn the prints to make it a horizontal quilt. And the good thing about that is it is a perfect size for cuddling up in the front of the tv or for trips or make believe lounge room picnics.

I have just listed most of these items in the etsy store with some ready to ship..

And don’t forget there is only 12 more days till we draw the $100 voucher so subscribe or tell your friend to subscribe soon.

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Little Cloud Quilt in Aqua and Grey…

Just a quick look at some new pictures of the Little Cloud quilt in Aqua and Grey.   We have looked at clouds before here and also created a moodboard here..if you want to catch up.


The cloud theme in nursery design is still going strong and I think it will for a little while yet..it is such a style that can be so perfect for a boy or a girl and I guess that is what makes it so popular.

I’ve created a cloud inspired collage using some images from my Cloudy Days pinterest board.  You can find these pictures and many more including the links and credits.  I think you could even use this board as a starting point for a nursery..whimsical, vintage vibe with fresh white and soft birch timber….mmm maybe i need to make one up for you?

cloud inspiration collage

And don’t forget if you haven’t already signed up to subscribe by email you can do it just over on the right hand side and be in the running for a $100 Alphabet Monkey voucher to use in our etsy shop.

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On the sewing machine… grey clouds

I’m happy to be able to create this little range from a cloud print fabric exclusive to Alphabet Monkey.

Cloud quilt by Alphabet Monkey

This was my mood board for this range.  You may remember that I also have a cloud print with an aqua cloud that I showed you a few weeks ago.

I have had a lot of requests for grey and white but I could never find enough grey fabric that all matched so that’s why I designed my own.   It is also possible to mix a colour in with this design..yellow would be cute.

Cloud mood board by Alphabet monkey


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Moody blues: a new cloud quilt moodboard

Well on this gloomy grey morning, I have another little sneak peek to show you. But the moody greys and soft blues in this design are anything but gloomy.
Clouds are persisting in popularity in nurseries and little ones products so I have a few new styles on the way and have even been looking at getting some of my own fabric designs done..but more about that in a couple of weeks.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this cute little cloud design because I feel it is also a bit edgey too. Something a bit cool about it..just the kind of thing we like at Alphabet Monkey.


Two are being made up currently and I hope to have them in store in a week or so. If you know this is right for you don’t hesitate in contacting me for a first look as many quilts have been snapped up lately before they even make it into the shop.

Have a great day xx


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Style my Child feature, cloud trend

how exciting to discover we have been included on Style My Childs site today featuring a selection of delectable kids products with a cloud theme. I have that little cloud book holder (no 12) ..so totally cute.


If you haven’t seen Style my Child then you must check it out..it is an australian based website and blog dedicated to all things cool for kids. Behind the site is Sue Mundy, Sydney based mother of four, I don’t know how she does it..I have my hands full with one..lol
so anyway you can check it out here

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