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Pinterest Pick; Herringbone Walls

pinterest pick; patterned walls www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

After much procrastination I think I have finalised my own nursery design and I’ve decided to do a wall similar to this.  I did have visions on creating a geometric colour block wall (I’ll have to show you this trend in another post) but I have decided on creating this herringbone feature wall.

I have loved this look since I pinned the image below which is where I first saw this done and I think it is very striking. This would have to be one of my favourite nurseries.. I think the herringbone pattern is a good alternative to a straight chevron which although we may be tiring of, still seems to continue in popularity.

You can find these images and their sources on my girls nursery pinterest board here.

Pinterest pick..herringbone walls www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

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Alphabet Monkey Birthday Sale

Our Ashkii range by Alphabet Monkey www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Good morning everyone….. hows the weather hey?? We have gone from a glorious summer like spring to winter today..brr.

But in better news…did you know that this weekend marks Alphabet Monkey turning 4?? Yes it was four years ago when I first set up my Etsy shop. Wow I couldn’t hardly even upload a photo back then and Campbell was only about 9 months old.  Wow how much has changed in that time.

Well to celebrate we will be having a 4 day SALE in our online store.

Alphabet Monkey birthday sale

We will be offering 25% off our entire Ashkii/Brave and Storm Range from 9am Thursday 16 (yes tomorrow) until midnight on Sunday 19 Aust EST. So if you haven’t had a chance to grab any yet or want to add to what you have now is the time.

Other items ( like our elephants) that are not included in the sale will still be available in our Etsy store.

Ashkii/Brave range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au.  Cool boys

All our prints are available as quilts , cushions and fitted sheets.

Ashkii /Brave SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey  www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Ashkii range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au #teepee #b

Ashkii Range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey

Ashkii Single bed quilt cover has black arrows on the back..mix and match with our pillowcases and cushions

Stormy cot collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Our Storm range is also available as an XL boori size patchwork quilt as well as the modern quilt style pictured.

Stormy Quilt cover by alphabet monkey.. the ABC of cool boys spaces.

Our Storm single bed quilt is reversible with for a monochromatic raindrop look on the back.

Stormy collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.auAnd we also have soft organic cotton newborn swaddles available in all our cool patterns.

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Just listed… elephants


Just thought I’d keep you up to date with this super limited quilt set that I have just listed in my etsy store.
I know a lot of you are waiting for more of the yellow and grey appliqué elephant quilts like this. I am going to be making more but i am still waiting on a bulk supply of grey and yellow fabric from a new supplier. I’ll let you know when I know.

Anyway I’ve been going through trying to use up fabric that I have small amounts of. There are three of these sets available and you can check them out here.

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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Happy As Larry Photo Shoot and a tale of my new rug….

Do you remember the Stormy collection range I shared with you here ?

Well Amy Eaton of Happy as Larry Designs contacted me a little while back to ask if she could photograph one of her new felt ball rugs with my linen.  Here are some of the pictures.
cloud quiltlarryrug2


It gives you a great idea of how the linen could work in your nursery..very cool.  And those rugs are great aren’t they?  This colourway is so on trend for any room in the house really.

As you know I have this Stormy fabric in my Cams room and one of those rugs would look great..except right now I would be scared that Jasper (the pup) would sit there pulling off the little balls.  I learnt this the hard way when I put down a new rug I had wanted last week.

I was on my way home from Bondi and stopped in at the Tempe Ikea so Cam could watch the planes and I wanted to grab a few things.  I had no intention of getting the rug that day but as I headed to the checkout I glimpsed the much pinned black and white graphic pattern from across the room in the sale room.  I knew that’s what I wanted for the lounge room so I figured it was like meant to be.   I was so chuffed with myself for getting it on sale as ex display and it didn’t have a mark on it.

All good until it had been on the floor about 15 minutes and he had chewed along the edge..all while I stood about three metres away talking to my mum on the phone and trying to cook dinner….oh well I just turned it around ..what can you do?  See the rug and the culprit on my instagram.

Anyway back to Amy………I had been following Amy for a little while and have admired her fun range of products. The wool is imported from New Zealand and it is felted in workshops in Nepal where Amy regularly visits. They are all fair trade products. Amy is also involved in ensuring money from the workshops goes back into this poor community and also sells bracelets which the proceeds go towards the education of children.  You can find out more about this on her website.

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Alphabet Monkey Nursery..Sock Monkey

I recently received this beautiful picture of an Alphabet Monkey Modern Patchwork quilt which has been used as a basis for a Sock Monkey Nursery. The simple block style of this type of quilt lends itself to many different looks .

sock monkey nursery, patchwork quilt by Alphabet monkey

I am not aware whether the baby is a boy or a girl but I think it really works well for either..in fact I had a similar palette when my little guy was first born with a woodland vibe. No the cushion covers are not from me but I’m sure if you want something similar they can be found on etsy..most cool stuff can be.

I found a few sock monkey product sources for you on etsy for those of you who are inspired by this great gender neutral scheme and might want to create one of your own.

sock monkey nursery ideas

Thanks again Philippa for sending in your picture and it will be added to the pinterest boards

Also the countdown is on for the draw of the $100 voucher to use in my Etsy store so if you haven’t subscribed yet you have until the draw on May 1.

1. Sock monkey chevron print

2. Bunting hoop

3.Sock Monkey Toy

Alphabet Monkey Ranges, Nurseries and Kids Interiors

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On the sewing machine.. geometric patchwork

I have been working away very hard trying to complete your orders but I always have to make some time to squeeze in some new things too..I think there will only be two maybe three of these ones made up as I only ordered a small amount of fabric….and then I will be onto new and exciting things which you will just have to wait to see…hehe

geometric patch quilt in mint, citron and grey by Alphabet monkey


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Alphabet Monkey on Babyology

alphabet monkey geometric range

Good morning all,
Some great news..Alphabet Monkeys’ new geometric ranges were featured on Babyology website yesterday. I just realised last night and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

They featured the organic geometric range as pictured as well as more of the Mod Geometric range as shown previously on the blog here.  As we have mentioned before in our trend watch, geometric designs are only going to get bigger in interiors and also in nursery design.

We have been lucky enough to have been featured early on and it was totally exciting to be included on such a great site that brings new and cool products to mums and mums to be.

So check out the full story here.

And don’t forget that we will be giving away the $100 Alphabet Monkey voucher on the 1st of May to a new subscriber so if you haven’t already subscribed or know someone who should, do it now by entering your email address in the box on the right..and of course I will never give away any of your details..you will just get updates on the latest goings on here at Alphabet Monkey  headquarters and of course the latest trends for kids interiors.

Trend Watch

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Friday Favourite.. beautiful design boards

I do love a good mood board and Belinda from Nest Design Studio is always working something beautiful  for her clients which she shares with us online…lucky us!

I was admiring her latest work and was surprised and excited to see a couple of my quilts included in her selections.  You will note the yellow chevron quilt and an aqua and yellow patchwork style one..this one recently sold..wonder if it went to Belindas’ client??  But it is possible to make up something similar.

Its always excited to have your products used on blogs and boards and especially some boards as lovely as these.

Nest Design Studio design[5] Nest Design Studio nestdesignstudio[5]

The colour palettes all flow as there are two rooms to be decorated and a baby on the way which will go in with either his brother or sister. Yellow and aqua is so versatile for both boys and girls and I find myself creating items in this scheme quite a lot.


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A big boys room..goodbye cot, hello bunks…

Well I finally ordered a new big bed for Campbell. I figure I can keep his current colour scheme and then in the new year implement a whole new look.  I kept putting it off because I wanted to wait till my sewing room was ready so I could move the cot straight in there.  I thought I could easily photograph new quilts and products that way as the new room will have lots of light and a lot less kids clutter to deal with.  But as time has gone on and a year has passed since we started renovating and things have just stayed as they are..including my sewing stuff taking over the lounge room and boxes filling the hallway.  However there is light at the end of the tunnel..more money has presented itself and things will be moving along shortly…yayyy!!!

I have been eyeing off some new bunks at work ..they are like mini bunks with the bottom bed pretty much on the floor and the top bed around shoulder high…my shoulder that is and I’m not that tall.  Way easier for making the top bunk and I love that he can use the bottom as a kind of chill out/ reading zone once he graduates to the top bunk.  Creating extra space is important is a small room like his….and  I can already see him and his cousins creating fun adventures in their space ship or pirate ship as they did in his little cot.

inspiration baord for cams big boy room

I have quite a few of these kind of scandi inspired monochromatic kids rooms pinned and I thought it would translate well to our home. We have black floors and white walls so its quite a good base to start with. I thought I might add in some chevron curtains and a duvet cover with all the fabric I bought to make curtains for our back bifolds ( to keep the heat in during winter). I  didn’t get around to it so I figure I’ll deal with that next winter and put it to use in this project.

Some people are kind of over the chevron but I’m still liking it and you know as long as you like it that’s all that matters…it’s not like Vogue Living is going to come and critique your room to see if it’s cutting edge enough. You need to buy and surround yourself with what you like and as the kids get bigger…what they like too.

The mushroom lamp is very cool and something I’ve seen in so many kids rooms but regardless I just kind of like it anyway…however whether I actually buy it is another matter. You can get them in black, red and I just saw they do yellow too from Lark……ooh maybe I want yellow now.

camp bells big boy room mood board

I am going to take my colour palette from the cool organic fabric from the Monsterz range at Cloud 9.  I bought some with the intention to make some crib quilts for my shop. However I like the retro vibe of the colours and the cool little monsters so I think I am going to mix in a few other fabrics and make him a quilt for one of the beds. I plan to mix and match patterns and designs so we can change things when we feel like it.

I love the fresh contrast of the toys and colours against the white in this room but in our room we will have to imagine some less glamorous toys like thomas trains and buzz lightyear. But hey I live in the real world. In reality these gorgeous rooms are highly styled and I doubt they remain like that all the time unless of course you have a lovely big toy room to store all the more mundane things in…I can only wish.

What plans do you have for your little one ‘big’ room?

room pics via pinterest

Bunk bed is the morgan bunk from Domayne

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On the sewing machine…blue whales and more clouds

Ive had a few enquiries about the blue whale quilts that i used to have in the shop these last few weeks.  Well the navy whale fabric is now all gone but I have been sewing a new version which I think is just as cute and thought I’d better give you all a sneak peek since so many have been asking.

whale quilt by alphabet monkey

And while we are at it..here is the heads up on the first cloud quilt using my own little cloud print fabric. Its a mix with chevron and spots and in everyones favourite colour combo..or so it seems…grey and aqua. It is one only right now but i think i will get some more fabric as I’m pretty happy with how its coming up. And as i have just gotten in a whole lot more grey spot fabric i am also looking at doing some more grey and white cloud quilts….so now you are up to date ( well pretty much..I have to keep a few tricks up my sleeve don’t I)

Cloud quilt by alphabet monkey


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