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Ashkii Range , Spring/Summer 2014-15

ashkii6ashkiiwordsashkii range ashkii8ashkii2ashkii4ashkii9ashkii7ashkii5


We are incredibly excited to present you with the first pics of our Ashkii Range.  We love these story shots by local photographer Jade Flores Photography capturing the spirit of our Ashkii Navajo boy .. determined, adventurous, inquisitive.  Loving to explore nature, and the opportunity to be a free range kid with his tribe of buddies.

We have been waiting so long to launch it and now the time has come..yay!    We have made it so easy for you to create the modern nursery of your dreams and we now offer items to take you right through to the big boy bed.  The mix and match options are endless giving you the starring role when it comes to styling up a storm in your little mans room.

Preorders will be available staring Monday 8th July to claim a piece of this super cool range from our first shipment.

This range will only be available initially through our own store http://www.alphabetmonkey.bigcartel.com

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Stormy Range..It’s back

stormy moodboard

Well we have been waiting long enough for the return of the Stormy range.

It’s been a favourite with mums wanting a super cool look for their little guys nursery,  so you will be glad to know the waiting is almost over….

I’ve set up the Stormy range on my new website available for pre orders.  We will be doing the new photography when they first arrive in early june but you could expect to get your items by late june.

I wanted to wait for the new photography but it seems many of you are happy to proceed so you don’t miss out on the first drop.  Although we have gone into a partnership with a small workshop  in Indonesia (actually run by an Aussie), we are only producing very limited runs of 12 of each product to start so this is no means mass production.  This has enabled me to offer more products and prints , as well as keep the highest quality.

We have fitted sheets, bunting, organic wraps,cushions, single bed quilt set, two styles of cot quilts which are all bigger sizing than we have currently been doing.

If you would like to check it out head over to my new site , http://www.alphabetmonkey.bigcartel.com

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Hello Minty.. loving mint and grey

minty geo quilt by alphabet monkey


I’m loving mint , grey and black and I’m a bit of a fan of this latest combo.

I do love that it is quite a strong version of mint which will fit right in with a cool monochromatic, scandi style nursery.

Like many of my quilts I have a limited amount of this fabric so it will be a very limited edition..so if you like it don’t wait too long.

And don’t forget that we can customise those hello cushion covers with a name of your choice.  Check out the custom name cushion listing here.


Trend Watch

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Decor8 nursery…can you spot our quilt??

decor8 nursery
decor8 nurserydecor8 nursery
decor8 nurserydecor8 nurserydecor8 nursery


I am so totally excited to share this gorgeous nursery reveal shared by Holly Becker from Decor8 ( which if you don’t know is one of the most widely followed interior design blogs in the world) eek!!

I have read Hollys’ blog since around 2008 and have followed her amazing growth and success.  I have done many online blog courses with Holly  and her lovely husband Thorsten.  I keep returning to do them because I just find the community there so helpful and the course and particularly Holly’s podcasts so positive and inspiring.  I think this helps you just in everyday life..not just in blogging.  And I have also made friends there too.

So when Holly announced she was having a boy I really wanted to send a quilt over ..but what do you send someone like her.  Most brands would be scrambling to have her feature anything of theirs on her site.  I saw her design board and decided to make up a cloud quilt in yellow and grey.  I knew that it didn’t really matter if it didn’t match the room because you can take those quilts anywhere or use as a floor/travel blanket etc.

But to see it here in Hollys’ blog pictured in the room is such a thrill.  Something I would never had imagined a year ago.  And just look at the room..isnt it beautiful.  You can see before and after pictures as well as the sources for many of the items on her blog here.

And being the clever couple they are it was all styled by Holly and photographed by Thorsten.

If you would like one for yourself you can find it here . Also keep an eye out for a new version of the cloud quilt in aqua and grey.


All photos by Thorsten Becker

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Trend Watch …. TeePee Fun



With our new limited edition Indian Summer range launching this Sunday I thought it’s time to really start looking at this whole American Indian style trend.

It is evident in many areas in both fashion and interiors..from aztec motifs, arrows, geometrics, feathers, hunting etc.  I thought  we would look at how it is being interpreted into our children’s interiors over the next month starting with teepees.

So firstly I thought I’d group together some Teepee inspiration for you as they are so fun.  You can buy them , make them, make a rough one from sticks and blankets…it all depends how adventurous and creative you are feeling.

And the best thing is that there are so many ways to use them for both boys and girls.




These gorgeous interiors are so simple yet stunning with a scandinavian edge.  The natural colour palette makes it a stylish look for any gender neutral nursery.

And look at how simple the tent above left is ….just hanging a sheet over a string..perfect fun.




One of the coolest things about the teepee is that it makes you think of camping.  Set one up outside on a sunny day and lay inside reading while the kids run around playing.  Have a picnic and play some outdoor games..I’m sure that little girls will just love those pretty little tents for their own little private picnics.

I have also noticed they seem to be popular with adult styling for parties, picnics and events, so don’t think that its just for kids.  There are more pics in my Teepee Pinterest board.



Or if the weather is not so great, why not venture on an indoor camping safari.

And as many parents have done..just add one to the play room or the nursery as a key style element ..that the kids will actually love too.

I’d love to have one but Cams’ room is just too small for it.  I have gathered plenty of examples for you for both boys, girls and also some inspiration for Indian styling on my pinterest board, Teepee and Indian Styling.  You should find plenty of ideas for creating a room with an Indian vibe…and don’t forget we will have lots of new products for you launching on sunday.  You can check out our pinterest board here.



All these lovely images have been taken from my pinterest board where you can find all the sources and links if you would like to find out more.

If you are keen to get your hands on one, I would check out Etsy first as they always seem to have everything cool don’t they.

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More Circus Inspiration..

I have just recently watched the movie ‘Water for Elephants’ and I just loved it. I had put off watching it because I was convinced I’d cry but despite the sadness of the hardships of the day and the animals’ treatment I was happy to see it did have a sweet ending.

So on that note, I thought I’d share a few more vintage circus nursery inspirations with you.

little gatherer circus board1

These boards can be found in my nursery inspiration board on pinterest but these particular two come from the gorgeous site the Little Gatherer. The site is a gorgeous collection of a things children. They find some amazing things and it’s well worth checking out.

little gatherer circus board 2

There is also plenty more circus inspiration on my Circus pinboard. And I do also have a couple of vintage circus inspired quilts left in my etsy shop as well as some gorgeous cushion covers with a cool circus print.

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Trend Watch..Urban Warrior

Today we are checking out another current trend in boys interiors which we are calling Urban Warrior. Well thats what Jacinda from Hide and Sleep Interiors has called it in her lovely inspiration board below.
I went back to check out Jacindas’ blog and realised in was way back in Febuary when she posted it and I have been meaning to share it ever since . Sorry for my slackness.

urban warrior

She discusses some of the key elements to incorporate the look into your childs room.
These include elements like aztec and tribal style prints. I must admit that my yellow aztec print has been most popular for this kind of style.

Arrows in many forms including the arrowhead style geometric prints and triangle motifs.
Wild animals , feathers, raw timbers, teepees, dream catchers etc.

And here is a lovely big boys room who has used this look in a modern understated way.

urban warrior bedroomurban warrior

This bedroom is featured on the lovely blog Chasing Sunshine, you can see more pics here. I particularly love the dash of emerald green here and am also hoping to incorporate this colour into my next ranges. For the colour of the year I haven’t seen it used that much in kids interiors. I think its a great option for a refreshing and modern look for boys rooms and nurseries and so I think we may continue to see more over the next year.

And if you like this tribal look, I have good news because our next range is going to feature some gorgeous fabrics and prints which will fit right in with this vibe. For now you can check out our geometric and aztec styles for a modern nursery in our etsy shop.

And you can see this bedroom and plenty more on my pinterest boards which cover designs for little and big boys rooms as well as unisex and girls designs too. You can check it all out here

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Modern and Simple Nursery….yellow and blue

I just wanted to share this lovely nursery which I found on the Nest Design Studio blog.  I thought you might like to see how the design board was translated into an actual room…oh and it does also include an Alphabet Monkey quilt too.


Nest Design

And so it went from this lovely board …..to this fantastic room…..

blue and yellow nursery


It’s a lovely simple and modern room isn’t it?

I do actually have just one of those yellow chevron quilts left in my store if you want to snap up the lucky last one.

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Pinterest Pick…. Animal Wallpaper

wallpaper nursery

Happy Weekend !!!!!!

Todays Pinterest Pick looks at how effective scale can be used in decorating. This large scale wallpaper is such an amazing feature in this simple nursery.
And this animal design is modern and fun.
It is from a French company, Mini Kani and can be found here.

For more nursery inspiration (for both boys and girls as well as big kids) you can check out my pinterest site here.

Oh and we are only about three likers away from reaching the 2000 milestone on Facebook so I hope to have a giveaway this week to celebrate it. Details will be on facebook once we reach it….I’m thinking maybe some custom name or word cushions or some vouchers might be good.

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Foxy Fun in the Nursery

Mr Fox has been in the limelight lately as the trend for all things ‘fox’ continues from childrens products to nursery design and kids fashion. It’s not just kids things either…foxy motifs have been popping up in womens fashion for a while now too.

While the overall woodland trend continues it does evolve with different critters coming to the forefront.  We have seen a lot of owls over the last few years and as endearing as they are it’s always fun to see something new. Think foxes, racoons and bears …..but today lets look at foxes.

foxy fun nursery


You can find links to the sources of all todays items via my Fox Trend pinterest board.

I have collected quite a few fox theme nursery inspiration boards which will also give you lots of ideas of the many different ways you can bring a bit of foxy fun to your nursery.  You can visit the Fox Trend pinterest board here.


fox nursery


This little Fox Hollow quilt is also back in store this week, I have two more that are ready to ship.  And there is also the Toadstool hand stitched quilt available too.

You can see what I have ready to ship in the etsy store now.


fox hollow quilt by alphabet monkey

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