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New Trend; Geometric Designs for the Modern Nursery

Ok well if you have been consistently watching pinterest, etsy treasuries and fashion you may not really think this is a new trend but in terms of having it filter down into interiors and then into children’s interiors takes a bit of time and so in that regard it is still quite new. Yes, yes chevron is going a bit nuts but i’m looking more towards triangles, diamonds and that sort of thing.

I saw this very cool design board from Jacinda from Hide and Sleep Interiors on her Facebook feed and thought I would share it. Jacinda specialises in designing children’s interiors and does some lovely work. I actually love the quirky black toadstool night light…mmmm..maybe time to redecorate Campbells room.




So seeing it reminded me to get my act together with my own little geometric project. A little while ago I designed some cute triangle design fabric myself as I wanted to create something new and contemporary but couldn’t find a fabric. So I had some printed and used the samples to create a patchwork with other modern patterns but hadn’t actually finished it off yet. So here is the first look from first idea below when I threw a few fabrics together…




To the end result..i am really happy with the cool mix of fabrics and patterns and i really love the colour combination, especially the black to give it an edge.





I will be listing this new one of a kind quilt shortly and may order some more of my fabric to do a simple triangle quilt for a more simple aesthetic..and also good news for those wanting grey chevron quilts as i have some to list as well.

And just to show that trends do take a while to filter down..I thought it was interesting that Belinda from Nest Design Studio which also specialises in children’s interiors designed a geometric and neon(another trend) board just because she wanted to do one because no one had requested anything like that yet…after checking out this cool board I’m sure she will have many more requests in the future.



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On the sewing machine today…yellow and gray elephants

A sneak peek of what I’m up to today….sewing has been cut short when I had to pick the monkey up from pre school with a temperature..he seems fine now..I think I had overdressed him with a thermal and many layers all ready for the cold wind outside which he refused to take off.

I am really loving this yellow and gray colour scheme and especially the funky addition of the chevron. Will be a story with chevron quilt , cushion and bed skirt available too.



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New Elephant Mood boards.

So I always have so many ideas and inspiring little pieces of fabrics just waiting to be made up into quilts that it can sometimes get a bit frustrating when you never seem to get to start them.
I often find I get caught up doing orders based on the current quilts I have made that I don’t get to move ahead and create new designs for you. Although I am completely overwhelmed and grateful that so many of you have chosen me to help create your perfect nursery I also know there are plenty more of you wondering what other ideas I have up my sleeve.

So I’ve decided to take the time and make up some mood boards of different combinations and variations on a theme I may be working on. That way you may see something that you like and you can order it..instead of waiting till I get around to making it.

At the moment I have been making up some more elephants ..you may remember that I have done a couple before and I am working today on a really cute yellow and grey combo which is so on trend in interiors right now and many of you are wanting to translate into your nurseries .




I am currently working on two in the last theme and it is looking very fresh and contemporary.

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Cool Britannia..union jack style

Although the whole union jack thing has been evident in interiors for quite a while now, certainly shows no sign of dropping off the radar just yet especially when England is the flavour of the month right now.

With the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics coming up this is a trend that has a bit more life in it yet. So I thought lets check out a few different ways the Union Jack has been used in some kids interiors.



With a lot of white the union jack really becomes a feature.



Wow this room is quite different..this teenager even has a fridge in his room.


I love the simple vintage style of this room..so simple.


This room breaks away from the red white and blue and looks great with a vintage, rustic feel and the tactile textures such as the timber.


And what a different take on the look this is..this kind of wallpaper is only for the brave but it is a lot of fun.


And a bit of an older take.. I like the simplicity and it’s nice without the red too.

Pics via my pinterest and google images.

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New Surfer Boy Quilt in Green and Blue

So I have been working on a new color way for the surfer boy quilts..and here is a sneak peek. I finally found a surfboard print that I liked so I wanted to create a plain print quilt that could be used in the crib, as a playmat, travel rug etc but could also be mixed and matched with a patchwork style quilt along the lines of my original surf quilts.
So I originally was thinking along the lines of this..with the celery green and a baby blue mixed with the print and a dash of orange.


however once I came to do it the orange seemed a bit too busy and I liked it better just keeping to the greens and blues.







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Woodland themes darken….

As we all know woodland themes featuring various animals, trees and birds especially owls have been particularly popular for baby nurseries and kids spaces for quite a while. You can see why people like it especially for a unisex design.
Well it looks like we are about to walk a bit deeper into the forest with trend predictors indicating a darker, more mysterious look..with more fierce animals like bears, raccoons, foxes and wolves and tree references becoming more gnarled.

This can be seen with this peek at the new range of kids home products being released by retailers H&M. It is part of the upcoming fall/winter 2012 collection ( northern hemisphere seasons remember). Apparently it will be available around July online which is still their summer so that’s a bit strange..anyway check it out..so cool.




The darker colors combinations are growing on me..I love the dark greens with the grayish blues and aqua with a dash of orange . It’s not really age specific so it could be interpreted in many ways for nurseries right through for little boys rooms. And that is great news for the mums of boys who so often find their decorating choices limited.

Images from H&M

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Make it little part 2

Belinda at Nest Design Studio has been at it again with her second installment of the new Make it Little series where she translates grown up interiors into nursery spaces.

This one features a Greg Natale interior, he is a well known Aussie interior designer and the result is a soft yet contemporary look with a bit of an Aussie slant ..love the wallpaper with the cockatoos. And seriously who wouldn’t love that chair!


You can check out Belinda’s blog here

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