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Stormy Collection

Stormy cot collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

So in all the excitement of introducing the new Ashkii Teepee inspired range I realised I had completely overlooked sharing with you the updated Stormy Collection.

We can now offer a bigger range of co ordinating items for the Stormy collection to cater for your nursery or your move into a big bed.  Range includes cot fitted sheets, bunting, cushion covers, single quilt cover, cot quilt and swaddles. i am so happy with the quality of all the fabrics and the finishes.  As with the Ashkii range..these are our own exclusive designs which are screen printed by hand and then made up by talented artisans in Indonesia.

Look at this adorable bundle below..Storm Organic swaddle pictured on the Black Raindrop fitted sheet.  Both the sheet and the swaddle are also available in soft grey..great for unisex.

Stormy collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Stormy Quilt cover by alphabet monkey.. the ABC of cool boys spaces.

The single bed quilt cover can be used on the reverse for a cool black and white vibe, as pictured below.

Storm quilt cover by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


All items have been available for preorder but the stock should be here next week so any orders will go out very soon.  You can check out the range here.


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Finally… New range sneak peek


brave moodboard ..new range by alphabet monkey.com.au

Good morning all and happy monday…

I’m very excited to present to you our next two mood board for our coming India style ranges…Ashkii and Brave.  There are many pieces that can either work together or work alone.

In fact , when I look over what we have designed and ordered I think wow..so many designs and options. No wonder it has taken so long to sort out!!  These ranges will be produced in extremely limited runs of 12 at a time.

So my inspiration for the Brave range has been to take the vibe of the American Indian trend and translate it into pieces that will look great in any space.     I’ve worked  in the arrow motif into an understated monochromatic look for those of you who love the minimalistic look or you can add it into the colour and astern of the Askii range below.

Ashkii (which means Boy in Navajo) is inspired by the colour and pattern.  And we are featuring a rich green and mint for those looking for something new.

We have collaborated with talented illustrator Pete Cromer ,  who sketched our super cool teepee design.  We love this sketchy free hand style and think it works very well in our new pieces.

Ashkii and Brave are both inspired by and made for little babes and boys who are free spirited and full of energy.

Who love to play make believe in the forest or in their makeshift teepee.

Who want to chase and roll and throw things and explore.

ashkii moodboard



Our patchwork quilts will now come in the boori size as the standard size.  At 100x140cm we know you will get maximum use out of your quilt and I also think this is a great size to then use as a throw on the single bed.  We will have two styles of single bed quilt cover and matching pillowcase  and they will be reversible with cool prints on both sides (one in Storm range and one in the Ashkii/Brave range).

All our quilts will be larger than our current sizes and our fitted sheets are big enough to use on a boori cot or a standard cot so we hope we can keep more of you happy.

I am also excited about the patterned fitted sheets as I feel that it is great to be able to have the sheet be such a feature..especially when we don’t use the quilts for sleeping when they are so young (Check SIDS recommendations in your country)

I know many of you have boys that share rooms so the range will be able to be used on both cots and single beds..and you can mix in a pillowcase or a cushion here and there with what you may already have to create a coherent look in the room but that doesn’t have to all be identical.  And before you ask about king singles or doubles..no we can’t accommodate those sizes due the fabric width and printing restrictions.  So our primary focus remains on the nursery but we are allowing some options to assist you in transferring to the big bed..

I have learned over the past nearly four years of creating and growing Alphabet Monkey is that my mums and mums to be are very design savvy.  They love to invest in quality, cool design and they like to get a bit creative when putting their children’s rooms together.  I like to think that we can give you access to designer items that can be worked with in many different ways so that every little boys room is as unique as they are.  We encourage you to mix items we have with things you already own or go all out and get the full range and your little guy is set for years to come.

We will be doing preorders in June..stay tuned or keep up on Facebook.



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Sneak Peek… Free gift with purchase and new products

new products..elephant toy and garlands

Good Morning and Happy Monday..

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday.  I got to sleep in and we all laid in bed together reading papers and having breakfast without a care in the world…now that was something I don’t think I’ve done in years.

Sometimes I think the best present you can have is some alone time..but thats really in the mothers day spirit is it..hehe.

This morning I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of our new elephant products. I have some new blue/grey and yellow fabrics so I’m currently making up some new elephant quilt prototypes..such as this blue and grey one seen in the picture above.  And the new quilt colours will also have some new little products ..a gorgeous little elephant toy and my favourite…a little elephant garland to hang where ever you want.  There are five elephants in each garland, each one so teeny tiny.

They will be available in the blue as pictured and also in the yellow and grey.  I think they will arriving at the end of the month. You can secure yours now here.

And now to clouds…. I have announced a free felt cloud pillow with any cloud quilt purchase in May.  We do actually have a couple of the blue and aqua quilt ready to ship.

The aqua, grey and yellow modern patch style is also available ready to ship.  I have only five of these.  As a special blog reader I am happy to offer you a little cloud pillow with any quilt order at all..just mention it when you purchase.

Remember this is for May only.

felt cloud pillow

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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Decor8 nursery…can you spot our quilt??

decor8 nursery
decor8 nurserydecor8 nursery
decor8 nurserydecor8 nurserydecor8 nursery


I am so totally excited to share this gorgeous nursery reveal shared by Holly Becker from Decor8 ( which if you don’t know is one of the most widely followed interior design blogs in the world) eek!!

I have read Hollys’ blog since around 2008 and have followed her amazing growth and success.  I have done many online blog courses with Holly  and her lovely husband Thorsten.  I keep returning to do them because I just find the community there so helpful and the course and particularly Holly’s podcasts so positive and inspiring.  I think this helps you just in everyday life..not just in blogging.  And I have also made friends there too.

So when Holly announced she was having a boy I really wanted to send a quilt over ..but what do you send someone like her.  Most brands would be scrambling to have her feature anything of theirs on her site.  I saw her design board and decided to make up a cloud quilt in yellow and grey.  I knew that it didn’t really matter if it didn’t match the room because you can take those quilts anywhere or use as a floor/travel blanket etc.

But to see it here in Hollys’ blog pictured in the room is such a thrill.  Something I would never had imagined a year ago.  And just look at the room..isnt it beautiful.  You can see before and after pictures as well as the sources for many of the items on her blog here.

And being the clever couple they are it was all styled by Holly and photographed by Thorsten.

If you would like one for yourself you can find it here . Also keep an eye out for a new version of the cloud quilt in aqua and grey.


All photos by Thorsten Becker

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Happy As Larry Photo Shoot and a tale of my new rug….

Do you remember the Stormy collection range I shared with you here ?

Well Amy Eaton of Happy as Larry Designs contacted me a little while back to ask if she could photograph one of her new felt ball rugs with my linen.  Here are some of the pictures.
cloud quiltlarryrug2


It gives you a great idea of how the linen could work in your nursery..very cool.  And those rugs are great aren’t they?  This colourway is so on trend for any room in the house really.

As you know I have this Stormy fabric in my Cams room and one of those rugs would look great..except right now I would be scared that Jasper (the pup) would sit there pulling off the little balls.  I learnt this the hard way when I put down a new rug I had wanted last week.

I was on my way home from Bondi and stopped in at the Tempe Ikea so Cam could watch the planes and I wanted to grab a few things.  I had no intention of getting the rug that day but as I headed to the checkout I glimpsed the much pinned black and white graphic pattern from across the room in the sale room.  I knew that’s what I wanted for the lounge room so I figured it was like meant to be.   I was so chuffed with myself for getting it on sale as ex display and it didn’t have a mark on it.

All good until it had been on the floor about 15 minutes and he had chewed along the edge..all while I stood about three metres away talking to my mum on the phone and trying to cook dinner….oh well I just turned it around ..what can you do?  See the rug and the culprit on my instagram.

Anyway back to Amy………I had been following Amy for a little while and have admired her fun range of products. The wool is imported from New Zealand and it is felted in workshops in Nepal where Amy regularly visits. They are all fair trade products. Amy is also involved in ensuring money from the workshops goes back into this poor community and also sells bracelets which the proceeds go towards the education of children.  You can find out more about this on her website.

Nurseries and Kids Interiors

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Stormy Collection..

stormy crib quilt by alphabet monkey.com.austorm2

Think moody grey skies, lightning bolts and raindrops..the Stormy collection has been extended with a new patch quilt and a few new cushion covers in a heavy weight drill.

As I have mentioned before this ranged is designed by me for Alphabet Monkey and printed up in a small supply to create this nursery look. And as we know black is becoming more and more acceptable for nurseries so don’t be afraid to use it to create a bold statement.
I like the print so much I have used it for Campbells room. For a bigger boy you could mix the cushion motifs with other plain lined or something you find in bold geometrics to contrast. you know i don’t do single bed sizes but what some of you have been doing is getting a boor size quilt 105x140cm and using it as a feature throw as it covers almost half the bed. I can turn the prints to make it a horizontal quilt. And the good thing about that is it is a perfect size for cuddling up in the front of the tv or for trips or make believe lounge room picnics.

I have just listed most of these items in the etsy store with some ready to ship..

And don’t forget there is only 12 more days till we draw the $100 voucher so subscribe or tell your friend to subscribe soon.

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Little Cloud Quilt in Aqua and Grey…

Just a quick look at some new pictures of the Little Cloud quilt in Aqua and Grey.   We have looked at clouds before here and also created a moodboard here..if you want to catch up.


The cloud theme in nursery design is still going strong and I think it will for a little while yet..it is such a style that can be so perfect for a boy or a girl and I guess that is what makes it so popular.

I’ve created a cloud inspired collage using some images from my Cloudy Days pinterest board.  You can find these pictures and many more including the links and credits.  I think you could even use this board as a starting point for a nursery..whimsical, vintage vibe with fresh white and soft birch timber….mmm maybe i need to make one up for you?

cloud inspiration collage

And don’t forget if you haven’t already signed up to subscribe by email you can do it just over on the right hand side and be in the running for a $100 Alphabet Monkey voucher to use in our etsy shop.

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We have been featured…..Down that Little Lane

dtll newsletter

I just opened the Down That Little Lane newsletter that they send out to their many many subscribers and was excited to see one of my quilt had been included.

The site is a lovely curated mix of gorgeous and top quality products with something for everyone. You can see the site here


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On the sewing machine… grey clouds

I’m happy to be able to create this little range from a cloud print fabric exclusive to Alphabet Monkey.

Cloud quilt by Alphabet Monkey

This was my mood board for this range.  You may remember that I also have a cloud print with an aqua cloud that I showed you a few weeks ago.

I have had a lot of requests for grey and white but I could never find enough grey fabric that all matched so that’s why I designed my own.   It is also possible to mix a colour in with this design..yellow would be cute.

Cloud mood board by Alphabet monkey


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On the sewing machine…blue whales and more clouds

Ive had a few enquiries about the blue whale quilts that i used to have in the shop these last few weeks.  Well the navy whale fabric is now all gone but I have been sewing a new version which I think is just as cute and thought I’d better give you all a sneak peek since so many have been asking.

whale quilt by alphabet monkey

And while we are at it..here is the heads up on the first cloud quilt using my own little cloud print fabric. Its a mix with chevron and spots and in everyones favourite colour combo..or so it seems…grey and aqua. It is one only right now but i think i will get some more fabric as I’m pretty happy with how its coming up. And as i have just gotten in a whole lot more grey spot fabric i am also looking at doing some more grey and white cloud quilts….so now you are up to date ( well pretty much..I have to keep a few tricks up my sleeve don’t I)

Cloud quilt by alphabet monkey


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