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Moody blues: a new cloud quilt moodboard

Well on this gloomy grey morning, I have another little sneak peek to show you. But the moody greys and soft blues in this design are anything but gloomy.
Clouds are persisting in popularity in nurseries and little ones products so I have a few new styles on the way and have even been looking at getting some of my own fabric designs done..but more about that in a couple of weeks.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this cute little cloud design because I feel it is also a bit edgey too. Something a bit cool about it..just the kind of thing we like at Alphabet Monkey.


Two are being made up currently and I hope to have them in store in a week or so. If you know this is right for you don’t hesitate in contacting me for a first look as many quilts have been snapped up lately before they even make it into the shop.

Have a great day xx


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Alphabet Monkey on Babyology…

More great news today….

I was most excited to receive an email today from Lexie at Babyology letting me know that Alphabet Monkey has been featured on their fab website.

Here is a quick look at our feature but you can check it out here
Wow it must be our week for features..maybe the etsy front page is next..lol..



If you are in the market for cool baby items Babyology is definitely the place to go..or if you have had a really great baby shower or birthday party they accept submissions..so check it out and maybe you will find yourself featured there too.

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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