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In the media..Elle Mag Gift Guide

elle magazine gift guide

Good morning all,

Yes I am back from Bali and back into action.
Lots of new projects and exciting development happening here which I will share with your very soon.

But first…..a lovely email popped into my inbox yesterday entitled ‘Well hello miss in elle magazine’ from Tessa, the owner and creator of Down that Little Lane.
Mmmm what is this all about I thought.

I also have a shop on this Australian curated online shopping site which is just filled to the brim with all kinds of lovelies. If you haven’t seen it then head straight there…right now!! Seriously. Follow this link here.

Anyway this lovely lady put forward my product to be included in the Elle magazine gift guide and obviously it was selected so that is totally exciting. Never would have thought to see something of mine in a mag like that.

You can find the cushion in question here.


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