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What a mum really wants..

Canggu Bali Family photo session

With Mothers Day I was thinking about what kind of gifts a mother could want..other than a good night sleep. Then I saw my friends Instagram post ( @jetsetmama) this morning about her baby daughter and it moved me to tears.

Speaking of sensing  her child, although still a baby  already in the process of leaving her. At the end in reference to her daughter she says

” Because through it all I will never forget, her tiny body, her tiny face, her smell, and the way it made me feel. And one day when I am old and my body unable to heal,

She will hold me.

And have her face pressed to mine.

And this big whole life,

was but a beautiful moment in time. ”

Claire is certainly a clever girl when it comes to writing and expressing emotions and after I brushed away the tears.. I thought its really those memories of moments in time that we can hold onto the most.

So I believe that the best present you can give your mum or yourself is to capture it all and not to forget to include yourself in it too.

And on that note I want to share with you some family pics we had done last year in the fields outside Villa Nanas , our villa in Canggu Bali.

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Capturing Precious Memories

Family pics by Jade Flores Photography

Newborn Photography Session

I did plan to share these pictures with you over the weekend being Mothers Day and all but you know I was just enjoying the weekend..  It was my first Mothers Day as a mother of 2..something I never really imagined but now I can’t imagine it being any other way. We had some pictures framed as gifts and they came up so well.. we are so glad that we went ahead with having our family photos taken with Jade Flores Photography.  Time goes so fast and we are already looking at these photos and seeing how much Willow has grown.

family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family portraits by Jade Flores Photography

Family Portraits by Jade Flores PhotographyI hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day and possibly scored a sleep in or some brekky in bed..I did.  And if your little babe is yet to join you , well the excitement is still to come.

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