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Nursery Trend .. Tribal Rugs

Nursery Trend - Tribal Rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Have you noticed that the trend for tribal inspired rugs in the home has crept into the nursery?

No ? Well that’s ok because that’s what I am here for…. to bring you the latest insights into nursery and interior trends.

A few years back all the most stylish nurseries were featuring stripes, chevron, quatrefoil, triangles in coloured flat weave rug designs.  But now there has been quite a big shift from the use of geometric style rugs to more heavily patterned styles with a more bohemian or tribal  edge.

This bohemian aesthetic can be done in many ways and in combination with many popular nursery motifs so let’s check out a few.

The first example above is a classic way to use tribal rugs and that is to set it as a contrast against a white wall. In fact you will be hard pressed to really find any that aren’t in neutral environments. This allows you to add in more pattern or interest and it can all pop against the neutral surrounds.  However I really think they would AMAZING against a coloured room or wall that was colour matched from one of the rug colours.  But you would need to be a bit braver.

Nursery Trends- Tribal Rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Moroccan rugs are very popular and traditionally every region was known for its particular colours and patterns.  Now however they are often made to order with current colour trends in mind and have become a real statement piece for the home.  I love the boho vibe in the space above with its cute teepee and the soft natural colours of the rug, don’t you?

Nursery Trend - Tribal Rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

In this example , the rug is called a Boucherouite rug and they are usually one of a kind vintage recycled fabric rugs made by the Berber  women in Morocco. They weave wool and fabric together to get that ribbon look.  You can find so many brightly coloured versions of these and they remind me a bit of those rags rugs I used to see around as doormats when I was younger…but nicer of course!


Nursery Trend - Tribal Rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

I do love the dark base of this one which really grounds the room and gives quite a different look.  I guess thats part of the appeal of these rugs, they are usually unique and so it gives the room a touch of difference and the colours tie in with all the coloured items that kids tend to accumulate ..so it can be stylishly messy which as we know kids rooms often are once the actual baby comes along.

Nursery Trends - Tribal Rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Ok so this one has been huge in interiors for a while, due to the blend of its understated look, simple geometric lines, the fact they are black and white and also tribal.  Its called a Beni Ourian and they usually have a bit of a shag like pile.

Their minimalistic look can fit into many nursery styles or themes creating interest with its texture and understated pattern. As shown in the nurseries above and below.

Leos nursery by Nest Design Studio.. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

I just love the colours in this Aztec rug below. From Mexico they traditionally feature golds, rusts and reds but now makers are adding vibrant modern palettes and its made them irresistible for contemporary homes.  This style with its large geometric patterns is also a great match when decorating in the South Western style as the Americans call it, you know like an American Indian or teepee theme as we in Oz would think of it.

Nursery Trend - Tribal rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

And last but not least another strong geometric design to ground a South Western desert, Boho kinda vibe.

These rugs are also referred to as Kilim rugs as they are pipeless, flat woven , hand woven traditional rugs..many like this originate in Turkey or in nearby countries.

Nursery Trends - Tribal rugs www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

And looking back over the photographs you may have noticed another 2 trends..

  1. Its been going strong for a while and I see no end in sight as our love of exotic rugs grows… yes it’s the leather Moroccan pouf or footstool.  Perfect for the nursery as you feed baby or really for any room in the house.  I remember haggling to buy one in morocco years ago and our escape from the evil clutches of the rip off merchant is something we still laugh about today..but yes thats another story.
  2. Fiddle leaf figs and cactus..or in fact any plant pictured in interiors.  Indoor plants is a massive trend being revived from the 70’s but well when you see them in kids rooms and nurseries just remember they are really only there as a styling aid..that dash of greenery just lifts the photo. But seriously I don’t think anyone is really keeping these in a kids room. Especially once the baby can crawl.

So in conclusion I think these tribal rugs look awesome .. and they are really the ultimate gender neutral essential.  If you start googling them you will just go crazy at all the choices but I have put a lot together for you to see on a Tribal Rug Trend pinterest board.

Of course they are expensive for the real thing due to the hand woven nature of them but if you happen to collect one on your travels it would be something you would keep for life. It would be able to be used anywhere in your home  and it would be an amazing memento of your travels.

Of course as always happens when something is on trend , a thousand imitations pop up so you can get the look without the price too.

So that wraps it up..I hope you have been inspired by this nursery trend update and you can find more  nursery images and trend boards on my Pinterest page here.

All images and their sources can be found on my Tribal Rug Trend Pinterest board.


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A big boys room..goodbye cot, hello bunks…

Well I finally ordered a new big bed for Campbell. I figure I can keep his current colour scheme and then in the new year implement a whole new look.  I kept putting it off because I wanted to wait till my sewing room was ready so I could move the cot straight in there.  I thought I could easily photograph new quilts and products that way as the new room will have lots of light and a lot less kids clutter to deal with.  But as time has gone on and a year has passed since we started renovating and things have just stayed as they are..including my sewing stuff taking over the lounge room and boxes filling the hallway.  However there is light at the end of the tunnel..more money has presented itself and things will be moving along shortly…yayyy!!!

I have been eyeing off some new bunks at work ..they are like mini bunks with the bottom bed pretty much on the floor and the top bed around shoulder high…my shoulder that is and I’m not that tall.  Way easier for making the top bunk and I love that he can use the bottom as a kind of chill out/ reading zone once he graduates to the top bunk.  Creating extra space is important is a small room like his….and  I can already see him and his cousins creating fun adventures in their space ship or pirate ship as they did in his little cot.

inspiration baord for cams big boy room

I have quite a few of these kind of scandi inspired monochromatic kids rooms pinned and I thought it would translate well to our home. We have black floors and white walls so its quite a good base to start with. I thought I might add in some chevron curtains and a duvet cover with all the fabric I bought to make curtains for our back bifolds ( to keep the heat in during winter). I  didn’t get around to it so I figure I’ll deal with that next winter and put it to use in this project.

Some people are kind of over the chevron but I’m still liking it and you know as long as you like it that’s all that matters…it’s not like Vogue Living is going to come and critique your room to see if it’s cutting edge enough. You need to buy and surround yourself with what you like and as the kids get bigger…what they like too.

The mushroom lamp is very cool and something I’ve seen in so many kids rooms but regardless I just kind of like it anyway…however whether I actually buy it is another matter. You can get them in black, red and I just saw they do yellow too from Lark……ooh maybe I want yellow now.

camp bells big boy room mood board

I am going to take my colour palette from the cool organic fabric from the Monsterz range at Cloud 9.  I bought some with the intention to make some crib quilts for my shop. However I like the retro vibe of the colours and the cool little monsters so I think I am going to mix in a few other fabrics and make him a quilt for one of the beds. I plan to mix and match patterns and designs so we can change things when we feel like it.

I love the fresh contrast of the toys and colours against the white in this room but in our room we will have to imagine some less glamorous toys like thomas trains and buzz lightyear. But hey I live in the real world. In reality these gorgeous rooms are highly styled and I doubt they remain like that all the time unless of course you have a lovely big toy room to store all the more mundane things in…I can only wish.

What plans do you have for your little one ‘big’ room?

room pics via pinterest

Bunk bed is the morgan bunk from Domayne

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Children’s Interior design cliches

There is an interesting article on Apartment Therapy today discussing the options or lack of options for children’s products outside of the old clichés .
They are wondering whether we have cliched colors and products because we want it or because it is all we can find…personally I think there are a lot more options available today with the rise of the Internet and especially sites like etsy where you can find very unique items…what do you think.


I’m tending to think through my experience with Alphabet Monkey, that I do get asked for those traditional things a lot so I’m thinking that its a case of give them what they want.

But as more alternative options become available I’m sure people will be making different choices.

You can read the article here

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