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Introducing Little Willow Vintage..

I recently launched a new brand Little Willow Vintage, baby wares inspired by simpler times.  It’s still all about handmade and providing beautiful baby quilts but I felt that it was such a different look to Alphabet Monkey that I felt it needed to stand alone.

And so Little Willow Vintage was born.  Inspired partly by my daughter Willow, it seems fitting to move forward in this direction. Just as Alphabet Monkey was inspired after the birth of my son in 2010.

The new brand reflects where I am in life right now, simplifying and paring back in many areas of my life.  So I’d love you to head over and check out the new site www.littlewillowvintage.com but the majority of our Alphabet Monkey stock will be found in our first and ongoing Etsy store which has been running now seven years strong.

We will no longer be making them so when our stock is sold it will be gone forever.

You can shop it HERE

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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