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What a mum really wants..

Canggu Bali Family photo session

With Mothers Day I was thinking about what kind of gifts a mother could want..other than a good night sleep. Then I saw my friends Instagram post ( @jetsetmama) this morning about her baby daughter and it moved me to tears.

Speaking of sensing  her child, although still a baby  already in the process of leaving her. At the end in reference to her daughter she says

” Because through it all I will never forget, her tiny body, her tiny face, her smell, and the way it made me feel. And one day when I am old and my body unable to heal,

She will hold me.

And have her face pressed to mine.

And this big whole life,

was but a beautiful moment in time. ”

Claire is certainly a clever girl when it comes to writing and expressing emotions and after I brushed away the tears.. I thought its really those memories of moments in time that we can hold onto the most.

So I believe that the best present you can give your mum or yourself is to capture it all and not to forget to include yourself in it too.

And on that note I want to share with you some family pics we had done last year in the fields outside Villa Nanas , our villa in Canggu Bali.

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5 Things Motherhood has taught me

Family portrait by Jade Flores photography

Ok so with it being Mothers Day I was thinking about the things that I’ve learnt along the way.

There are so many things that mums have to compromise about themselves and their own lives.

We all know about the no sleep, the weight that’s hard to shift, the changes to lifestyle, feeling a loss of identity, the list can go on.  I know there are lots of things we fear when motherhood is looming ahead and I for one was not someone who planned to have even have children.  I guess as I got older I thought well its now or never so we jumped in.

After struggling with depression during the first trimester of both of my pregnancies I was high risk for post natal depression (luckily it never eventuated).  I admit I had fears about if I was doing the right thing, if I would bond, the whole childbirth thing (I went the c- section route), wondered if I even wanted to be doing this at all.  I think a lot of it was the hormones too but I guess it’s natural to worry.

But now that I’m on the other side I can see that my life has evolved in ways I would never have imagined if I didn’t have kids.

So here are my top 5 things that I’ve learnt since becoming a mum.

  1. The value of time.  Nothing gives you a sense of your own limited time on earth than having children and watching them grow so quickly right before your eyes.  I’m very guarded how I spend my time, and what I commit to. It’s the precious thing I have.
  2. Patience and compassion for kids and other mums struggling… I still see my old self in people like the ones who just realised they will have to sit near us on the airplane or  the childless woman who doesn’t want to talk to the boring mum at a party and hear all about their kids..eekk terrible but true..lol..
  3. Even though we are mums we are still the same bright, funny , intelligent, clever person.  It’s like becoming someones mum gives you an identity crisis.. we still have hopes and dreams past the ones of wanting the best for our kids.
  4.  The smiles and cuddles really do make up for the challenges and tantrums.
  5.  Being a mum makes you aware of what kind of things you will and won’t put up with in life.  You want to set an example to your kids about how they deserve to be treated. I know my mum encouraged me to speak up for myself purely because she was such a shy person and didn’t want me to be the same.
  6.  Oh and how about giving things a go.  If it wasn’t for having my son I’m pretty sure I would never have delved into the baby bedlinen arena.  You kind of get over the whole what it it doesn’t work out thing.
  7. An appreciation of all the things your own parents did for you… when I was a kid I guess I felt like my parents should know this or that because they were ‘old’.  But now that I’m that age I realise hey they were just winging it back then. They made mistakes cause no one is an expert we are all just trying our best.


Oops thats seven.  I’m sure there are plenty more you could add to the list.

So on that note I hope that you had a lovely Mothers Day and enjoyed your cold toast in bed..well the look on their faces is just priceless isn’t it, you can’t disappoint them.

Picture credit Jade Flores Photography

PS  I wish we had gotten family pics done when Campbell was born but we just love our family photos from when Willow was a newborn.   They really do grow so quick that you just want to catch that moment in time.



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Happy Mothers Day

I have only been a mum for such a short time but I have come to appreciate 5 minutes to myself with a nice cup of tea really does make things better….that’s if you can get it.


Cute pic via pinterest..join me here

just over two years ago I was a hesitant mum to be..you know not sure what to expect, not sure if I had any maternal instinct, wondering if the hospital was really going to let me take this precious little person home. I guess they are common feelings. I remember my husband and I driving like miss daisy on the way home from the hospital terrified that something would happen to him. And it was just surreal to go into the nursery and see a real live baby there…and I have to admit I felt a sense of pride that I had made such a perfect thing.
and then just as everyone says the time just seems to fly by and we have gone from this little baby..(newborn cam)..


To this…..a little person full of ideas and personality (cam at about 18 mths)……someone that I can’t imagine my life without.


I guess we work it out along the way and of course we come to appreciate our own mums much more. So happy mothers day to all especially those experiencing mothers day for the first time..and here’s hoping you do get five minutes for a quiet cuppa at some point….


Campbell at about 2 yrs with me.

My Life- Home and Travel