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15 Best Etsy finds for Newborns

We are very excited to say that we were featured not once but twice in Babyology ’15 Best Etsy finds for Newborns’.

Babyology is a fantastic site that keeps you up to date with all you need to know about anything baby or child related and always brings you the latest products first.

babyology1alphabet monkey featured on babyology..www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


All these items can be found in our Etsy and Bigcartel store.

Nurseries and Kids Interiors

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Yellow Geometric Quilt..





simpaticosimpatico 3


Hi everyone.

I hope you all had a great new year. The feeling of a fresh start is always good.  We can see fireworks from our back deck so we don’t need to go anywhere and it makes for a relaxed occasion and lots of fun for the kids. You may have already been keeping up on my favourite social media, instagram. If not join me here.

I just thought I’d let you all know some of the items that I have that are ready to ship.  It’s always good to get something straight away isn’t it??

Pictured above is the Yellow geo range and  I have  two last patchwork geometric quilts just become available.  I also have cushions and the modern style quilt which is also available in the mint.  This is the style that was featured in babyology.com website last year.  Sorry none of the rectangle style are left.  You can find them in the online store here.

I also have one lime and aqua elephant set ready to ship..these never last long. It was a cancelled order but you can get it here

And also one of the cute Fox Hollow quilts as featured previously in our fox trend post here.

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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Just a Reminder….

simpatico mint

I have just been notified that this gorgeous fabric is back in stock so I will be placing my order next week to fulfil the pre orders that I have. I have had so many enquiries since it featured on the Babyology website.
If you were wanting one please don’t wait any longer to place your order. You can do it here

simpatico mint

I also have in stock two patchwork versions using this fabric range..it has less yellow and more of a softer mint and grey look. Mint is definitely a colour which is only going to get more popular too and it is just gorgeous for either girl or boy.

simpatico mint patchwork quilt


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Monsterz..for your little monster

Good morning all….
I have something new to show you today..little monsters in a beautiful organic cotton range. And as I was uploading these I thought how gorgeous they would look with those gelato cots I showed you in our last chat.

monster quilt by alphabet monkey

So one has a little more yellow in it like below. I originally bought this range with the intention to make something for  Campbells’ room.  I do love it and have loved seeing it come together. If you wonder how I choose my fabrics..well i do it with two things in mind. Maybe a look or trend or colour palette I’m looking for and then when I finally see the right thing I just feel it in my gut..I just know..funny hey!


monsters quilt by alphabet monkey

I have a few more ranges to come but I am also looking at more geometrics, some cot/ toddler quilt covers in my exclusive prints and some fun new custom cushion covers. I am also going to be having a SALE ..yes a SALE!!! over the June long weekend whenever that is to clear some of my older themes so I can focus on more new things. Probably some surf , guitar, random cushions etc.
I thought I would just share the templates I have ordered to create some sample cushion covers that will be fun for boys rooms..you can get your name on it or a word if you want. I think they will mix in well with the modern geometrics ranges which I am planning to focus on. Samples should be back in a couple of weeks.

word cushion

Do you have idea of words that would be cool or should I just stick with names??

Nurseries and Kids Interiors

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On the new sewing machine… woodlands

This week has been a busy and exciting week.

First we had a quilt included in the Etsy front page treasury and then the organic geometric wrap got a mention on the Etsy AU facebook page. Then we also got a mention with the same little wrap on the Down that Little Lane instagram feed and to top it off was approached for an interview for an Australian quilting magazine about selling quilts online.


Then I got a super duper fancy new sewing machine..well new to me anyway.  Totally excited about it but still a bit hesitant to use it..I guess it just takes a bit of time to get used to something new.  But I know my husband will be loving how much quieter it is thats for sure.

So I have my mum to thank for this generous gift (or donation to Alphabet Monkey). She upgraded her machine and so I have scored the cast off..which is about 10 steps up from the little machine I have now but which i loved cause it did the job fine.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before that she is the behind the scenes member of my team..she is an award winning art quilter and has been sewing ever since I can remember.  She finishes off the bindings on all the quilts, helps with this and that when I get busy and also is the knowledge base in this world of sewing which I am relatively new to.

She also used to sew a lot of the quilts up for me when Cam was much smaller and need more attention.  Basically this little operation wouldn’t have come so far without her so thanks mum!!


And so I also have a sneak peek into some new designs.  This little woodland theme also has another quilt with little foxes and more blues mixed in. I just couldn’t help picking out those little toadstools and  it is actually quite gender neutral…well hubby thinks it’s too girly so it may suit some of you who are asking for girls quilts.  I probably will have enough fabric for about 3-4 quilts so it is definitely a very limited edition.

I also have some whales in blues, some adorable monsters and a circus version of the elephant quilt with a vintage fabric mixed in.

I hope to have some pictures for you soon.


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On the sewing machine.. geometric patchwork

I have been working away very hard trying to complete your orders but I always have to make some time to squeeze in some new things too..I think there will only be two maybe three of these ones made up as I only ordered a small amount of fabric….and then I will be onto new and exciting things which you will just have to wait to see…hehe

geometric patch quilt in mint, citron and grey by Alphabet monkey


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Alphabet Monkey on Babyology

alphabet monkey geometric range

Good morning all,
Some great news..Alphabet Monkeys’ new geometric ranges were featured on Babyology website yesterday. I just realised last night and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

They featured the organic geometric range as pictured as well as more of the Mod Geometric range as shown previously on the blog here.  As we have mentioned before in our trend watch, geometric designs are only going to get bigger in interiors and also in nursery design.

We have been lucky enough to have been featured early on and it was totally exciting to be included on such a great site that brings new and cool products to mums and mums to be.

So check out the full story here.

And don’t forget that we will be giving away the $100 Alphabet Monkey voucher on the 1st of May to a new subscriber so if you haven’t already subscribed or know someone who should, do it now by entering your email address in the box on the right..and of course I will never give away any of your details..you will just get updates on the latest goings on here at Alphabet Monkey  headquarters and of course the latest trends for kids interiors.

Trend Watch

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Ahoy there…cute new pirate theme

I recently mentioned the latest pirate skull and crossbones crib quilts that I had made up and how they didn’t really even make it to being listed. So I am thinking that there is still a bit of pirate love out there.

With that in mind I will look at making some more up ..or maybe offer to order if you are wanting one…but for now I am excited to show you a new take on the pirates. If you thought that the other skull and crossbones was a bit too hard core (so to speak )for a nursery then you may like this.

Pirate Bunny is my new look for pirate quilts…..it is inspired by the new ‘seven seas’ range of organic fabric by Cloud 9. I ordered a small selection and have put together a few little inspiration boards based around the fabrics. I have picked out the little pirate bunny rabbit motif from the fabric and thought I would use in replacement of the skull and crossbones motif I had previously used……can you see him? I think he is so cute and fun.



I love is grey and navy combination and I think it could also work well using the boat fabric and making it into a sailboat theme. I may also make an elephant version too..oh yes I must show you the elephant fabric on order..later I guess.


This aqua and blue combo is very fresh too.
I hope to get started on at least one version very soon however if you dont want to wait you can claim one of your very own by asking for a custom order .


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Whales; new organic cotton whale fabric

So I have mentioned my love of the Birch range of organic cotton fabrics on here before. It has been sitting here patiently waiting to be made up into something dreamy but of course everything else keeps jumping the queue. I feel I am sneaking closer to starting a prototype so I thought I would share the fabric with you.




I will mix and match with other fabric that I have and I think that with a whale motif to match it should be quite cute. I also love the fabric that reminds me of the octopus weed (that’s we call it anyway ) .
These fabrics are all GOTS certified and use low impact dyes. I will probably make some that will be mixed with non organic fabrics but you will have the option to have an all organic product as well.


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Organic Goodness

I hadnt really thought a lot about using organic cotton in my work until I came across Birch Fabrics and all their yummy designs. I have been wanting to introduce a few of their designs into my ranges but the main problem is I can’t really decide on which ones.


Birch fabrics came about when Cynthia Mann (of birch fabrics and fabricworm.com) decided to design and manufacture a range of quilting fabrics but felt strongly that it should be an environmentally responsible product. Despite coming up against a lot of opposition from manufacturers who said organic was just not viable..Cynthia trusted in her instincts that organic was the way for the future and went ahead. she is now happy to be a trailblazer in the field and imagines that larger more mainstream manufacturers will eventually follow.



The success of her fun and nostalgic ranges speak for themselves.
The cotton is milled and printed under strict guidelines set out by the GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard. it is 100% organic and even the dyes are low impact, free from leads and any harmful metals. This means that not only does the end user benefit but so does the community in which the cotton is grown by keeping harmful products out of the ecosystem

And the good news is that Birch Fabrics is offering 25% off all their organic fabrics to celebrate Earth Day..the sale ends next weekend….now I’d I could only decide on which ones to buy….


Check out their full range of designs here at birchfabrics.com or visit their online shop fabricworm


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