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Nostalgic toys – trend watch

alphabet monkey Arrow bedlinen with Sara Carr toy www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


Ive noticed that crochet and knitted nursery toys has been a growing trend over the last few years and have often seen and admired the work of UK based Sara Carr whose quirky little creations have popped up in a many a nursery online.

I put the growth of this trend and its continued popularity down the notion that in todays digital world we all crave something more simple..from an earlier simpler time. This nostalgia makes us hungry for little reminders from the past.

Alphabet monkey bedlinen with Sara Carr toy www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au


So I couldn’t wait to order one of Saras’ creations for my new baby who will be here with us by the end of the month.  My son and I looked over her site and we chose this adorable little wolf.  And when he arrived I can tell you the quality and detail of this little guy was worth it.  So much so that at my sons insistence we ordered the larger orange fox for him which we had passed over earlier.  He loves it and has been sleeping with it ever since..


Into the woods nursery board by Alphabet Monkey. www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au



So I made up an ‘Into the Woods’ nursery board with a black and white scandi edge..a perfect little nursery to add your little wolf or fox to.  It features our Arrow bunting, quilt and teepee cushion which can all be found in our online shop.

Sheepskin from Ikea, Oeuf Sparrow cot in birch from Urbanbaby, Replica Eames Rocker from Matt Blatt.

Linen by alphabet Monkey with crochet bunny by Marigurumi Etsy shop


And as I mentioned earlier, crochet is also very big.  I happened to receive this cute bunny all the way from Spain from super cute Marigurumi Shop on Etsy.  I highly recommend you check out her shop if you are looking for a unique baby gift.



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Mod Bunny Nursery

With Easter being this weekend, I thought I had better come up with an Easter inspired post.
I haven’t designed a nursery board for a while so I thought I’d create a fun rabbit inspired nursery.   When I looked around for bunny inspiration I  found that most people seemed to use rabbits in very pastel ‘peter rabbitesque’ ( ok, maybe I made that description up) kinds of nurseries.  They are lovely and soft and most suitable for newborns however I wanted to create something bolder.

So that in itself gave me inspiration to create a more modern room that incorporates some very cool pieces.
modern bunny nursery by alphabet monkey.com.au


So what do you think?   With black becoming more and more popular in nurseries I have used it here to create my Mod Bunny Nursery, however just replace the cot with a bed and you also have a great big boys room too.

Can you believe that the bunny in the jar is actually a night light..I think the bunny glows. Love it!

So what do you get up to at Easter?  I must admit I am really just getting into it since last year when Campbells’ absolute delight at discovering eggs in the garden melted all our hearts.

This year I have some Easter craft to do with him, we decorated a little branch tree yesterday  and I have loaded up with Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt which I look forward to sharing with you.  It’s a great time to just spend together with family


1. Bunny night light

2. Timber rabbit wall clock

3. Felt Wall Mounted Bunny Head

4. Black and white chevron cushion cover

5. Bloom Alma Urban Mini Cot

6. Animal Magic wallpaper



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Happy Easter

no matter what Easter means to you it is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends..and I think that no matter what your beliefs it never hurts to reflect on life and what you are grateful for. it helps you appreciate the things that really matter in your life. wishing you all the best for the things that matter to you xxx

Happy Easter


images via the lovely shops on etsy check it out here

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