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What a mum really wants..

Canggu Bali Family photo session

With Mothers Day I was thinking about what kind of gifts a mother could want..other than a good night sleep. Then I saw my friends Instagram post ( @jetsetmama) this morning about her baby daughter and it moved me to tears.

Speaking of sensing  her child, although still a baby  already in the process of leaving her. At the end in reference to her daughter she says

” Because through it all I will never forget, her tiny body, her tiny face, her smell, and the way it made me feel. And one day when I am old and my body unable to heal,

She will hold me.

And have her face pressed to mine.

And this big whole life,

was but a beautiful moment in time. ”

Claire is certainly a clever girl when it comes to writing and expressing emotions and after I brushed away the tears.. I thought its really those memories of moments in time that we can hold onto the most.

So I believe that the best present you can give your mum or yourself is to capture it all and not to forget to include yourself in it too.

And on that note I want to share with you some family pics we had done last year in the fields outside Villa Nanas , our villa in Canggu Bali.

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My Life- Home and Travel

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Hello from Bali.. travelling with kids

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Hi all,

Well here we are again back in Bali again to escape the winter.  Being able to spend the majority of winter somewhere warm is something I always dreamed of,  so to be doing it for the second year in a row in our own little house really is like living the dream.

If you have been following for a while you may recall that I came over in November with Cam 5 and Willow 10mths to furnish our little house dubbed Villa Nanas (which is Indonesian for pineapple).  All I can say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and boy is it nice to be here with hubby this time.  We won’t be here as long this year but after a couple of days we all settle in, we have our routines and its like living my alternate life.  It’s like my head just gets clear about whats important to me and I just feel content.

Also no matter how lovely it is to be here I’m sure any of you with kids will relate that when you travel some days its just the same shit but in a new location when it comes to kids moods, teething and tantrums.  But at least hubby and I can sit down once everyone is in bed and enjoy a drink by the pool..and just enjoy the balmy air and the silence of the countryside.

I wondered how we would go on the plane with Willow since she is 17 months this time round and always on the go but I was pleasantly surprised. We first flew with Cam when he was 3 1/2 and boy he just didn’t sit still.  He didn’t want to watch movies or draw or do anything except escape into the aisle and walk around and around.  So I can’t believe how different it has been this time with Willow..she was happy to watch tv, iPads and colour in and look around.  How can two kids be SOO different?  Do you find this with your kids??

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I’ve flown with friends and their kids before and had people come up and say how well behaved the kids were.  You don’t feel it cause you are constantly trying to entertain, get things out, put things away, eat food, clean up spills, change nappies, toilet breaks and so on that although you are exhausted you didn’t really bother anyone else.  We also had people say how they had cancelled trips cause they didn’t think they would cope with the kids or one husband said his wife stayed home instead of coming with the kids..I’m not sure if he was just alone or what but I think its a bit sad.

Life is short, you shouldn’t let a few hours of possible discomfort put you off what could be some amazing moments you can experience as a family together.  And I’m totally one of those people that before having my own I would’ve been pissed to have been sat next to babies or kids on a plane so I get how others may feel but then again I now think oh well suck it up. Especially when its a day flight.. we once had some trendies trying to sleep off a hangover I think on a day flight and were huffing and puffing having three little behind them..but hey not my problem!  But surprisingly most people are super understanding cause they have grandkids, nieces , nephews, whatever and accept that kids will be kids (within reason of course).

I think it’s that loss of control especially if you are a bit of a control freak or a perfectionist that freaks people out.  I’ve tried to just let things go sometimes with success…I mean with my first i was scared to take him to the local shopping centre in case he cried and I didn’t know what to do..haha I know a natural mother wasn’t I.  Then I get on a flight with a ten mth old and a 5 year old by myself..I think i have progressed and stepped out of the box a bit compared to that.

And don’t worry cause once you get here life is a bit more free for kids.. restaurants are happy for kids to make noise, play and wander and not just sit at tables like little robots as we expect them to in Australia. So anyway if you have any questions about travelling to Bali with kids, or want me to feature some kid friendly places around Canggu just ask.

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And as for the house we are doing a bit of DIY sprucing things up and wow the garden has grown so just making things nice because we want it to be a beautiful little tropical hideaway that our guests can enjoy when we’re not there.

If you want to know more about Villa Nanas you can see it on AirBnB or check out our instagram account @villa.nanas


My Life- Home and Travel

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