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Campbells Black and White room

Campbells black and white room..bedlinen by Alphabet Monkey


Hi, today I thought I’d share some pictures of Campbells big boy room. As you can see we managed to just squeeze in his bunk bed behind the door. I like this as it means when you look in his door you don’t see the bed taking over the whole room..as it is pretty tiny.

As you can imagine there is no shortage of bedlinen combos here…Today have mixed up a lot of black and white prints from both of my Storm and Ashkii ranges to keep an on trend monochrome look.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

We kept it pretty simple with black, white and yellow.. as we had already installed the yellow retro style light fitting.  But as time has gone on we have added more colour..mainly from toys and things..its kind of impossible to keep those things out so you may as well work with it.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Teepee are very popular right now and they are a lot of fun for playing but also for resting and reading a book.  Campbell likes to surprise our dog Jasper who sneaks in here to have a little nap.  The little cane chair is actually one I had in my own room as a child.

Below is a super simple string line which we can peg up memories.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Mixing up the black and white raindrops and arrows and teepees.  This is actually the reverse of the Storm quilt.

Below are the super cute little runners given as a gift when he was born..too cute to part with.

Campbells black and white room  www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

This bunk is a lower than normal bunk. He sleeps up on top now but he was able to sleep on the bottom from when he was about two.  Now its a great place to read , play on the iPad etc.

The quilt on the bottom bunk is also the reverse to our Ashkii quilt cover..the one that features the green geometric print on the front.  So we can turn it over and mix things up whenever we feel like it.

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Campbells black and white room www.blog.alphabetmonkey.com.au

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Campbells room..I think this is the tidiest it had been in a long time.  I must confess I am one to just close the door and ignore the mess..there are better things to do I say.

You can find our cushions, bunting and bedlinen in our online store here.

Photography thanks to Jade Flores Photography.

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Sneak Peek… Free gift with purchase and new products

new products..elephant toy and garlands

Good Morning and Happy Monday..

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday.  I got to sleep in and we all laid in bed together reading papers and having breakfast without a care in the world…now that was something I don’t think I’ve done in years.

Sometimes I think the best present you can have is some alone time..but thats really in the mothers day spirit is it..hehe.

This morning I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of our new elephant products. I have some new blue/grey and yellow fabrics so I’m currently making up some new elephant quilt prototypes..such as this blue and grey one seen in the picture above.  And the new quilt colours will also have some new little products ..a gorgeous little elephant toy and my favourite…a little elephant garland to hang where ever you want.  There are five elephants in each garland, each one so teeny tiny.

They will be available in the blue as pictured and also in the yellow and grey.  I think they will arriving at the end of the month. You can secure yours now here.

And now to clouds…. I have announced a free felt cloud pillow with any cloud quilt purchase in May.  We do actually have a couple of the blue and aqua quilt ready to ship.

The aqua, grey and yellow modern patch style is also available ready to ship.  I have only five of these.  As a special blog reader I am happy to offer you a little cloud pillow with any quilt order at all..just mention it when you purchase.

Remember this is for May only.

felt cloud pillow

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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Update..yellow and grey elephants

yellow nursery ideas featuring alphabet monkey elephant quilt

Morning all,

Just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know where I’m at.   I have made up a new 1014 version of the yellow and grey elephant quilt and am now taking orders here.  I know many of you have been waiting on this.

I do also have some small yellow chevron on its way so it will also be incorporated into the quilt.  I’m sorry its taken me so long but I’ve been feeling frustrated and anxious this month waiting for people to deliver on promises made in regards to fabric supply and samples for our new ranges.  I am just so keen to get them all out there to you .  But this has to be a lesson in patience I guess..something I’m not that great at.

So I will continue to keep you up to date with things as soon as I know things are actually happening..aahh!!

I did make you this little board to show you the quilt patterns.. And some cute items for a yellow and grey nursery.

1. Alphabet Monkey Elephant quilt

2. Incy Interiors  Harry Cot , they also have it in yellow.

3. Art illustration ‘Safarini‘ by Pete Cromer

4. Timber elephant toy by Little Wooden Wonders

5. Heart felt garland by Lullaby Mobiles

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Just listed… elephants


Just thought I’d keep you up to date with this super limited quilt set that I have just listed in my etsy store.
I know a lot of you are waiting for more of the yellow and grey appliqué elephant quilts like this. I am going to be making more but i am still waiting on a bulk supply of grey and yellow fabric from a new supplier. I’ll let you know when I know.

Anyway I’ve been going through trying to use up fabric that I have small amounts of. There are three of these sets available and you can check them out here.

Alphabet Monkey Ranges

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Modern Tribal Nursery…new arrow cushions


Morning everyone, just thought I would pop up a few pics of my new arrow cushion covers.

I just listed them in my etsy store yesterday and both the yellow and an aqua teepee print quilt is now also available in store.
Black, grey and yellow are totally happening for boys rooms right now and its very cool for nurseries too.

You can mix these in with some other graphic cushions and add to some simple black, white or grey bedlinen if your little guy is already in a big bed as this print is not currently available for a single bed.




This softer pastel version in teal, aqua, mint , yellow and grey is just perfect to mix with the Yellow aztec quilt. But as I mentioned earlier these colour combinations allow you to mix them in with so many other quilts too. You can expect to see a lot more in this Indian tribal vein as we get set to launch the Indian Summer range next month.

You may also have noticed that we have had a little bit of a facelift. It’s been three years since I started Alphabet Monkey and things have changed so much I thought it was time for a freshen up. I hope you like our new little funky monkey..he is actually inspired by one of Campbells’ favourite toys, Maxie.

Things have been quite hectic that I had planned to do a post for our birthday and look back on the changes that have happened but right now with so much exciting stuff going on , I think I’ll save that story for another time.

I am off on a sourcing trip to Indonesia tomorrow so I will hopefully have lots of exciting news when I return but as always I will be spamming everyone on Instagram so please feel free to join me there to follow my adventures. You can find me here.

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Pinterest Pick..Cool Nursery

nursery by nest design studio

This weeks pinterest pick is a very cool nursery with a modern surfer vibe. I saw it this week on Belinda from Nest Design Studios’ blog and immediately pinned a few images because I knew you would love it.

Its a great pic thats for sure, combining stripes and chevron with graphic black and white cushions. Now I don’t know where that cushion is from but I know we used to sell some very similar when I was at Domayne so you might try online or a local store.
I do recognise the little yellow chevron quilt..I don’t know if it is mine but I do have them in my etsy store

You can check out more pictures of the nursery here
You can find more nursery inspiration by checking out the boys nursery board on pinterest and why not create your own boards.

Have a great weekend, nicx

PS. sorry about a random message you may have gotten from this blog..I was setting up an account with bloglovin which I’ll fill you in on later.


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First peek..new geometric quilt in grey and citron

Hi everyone,

I haven’t yet listed this new range as I wanted to share it with you first.

It is a lovely organic cotton geometric print in a colour scheme I know you all love.

simpatico 3



It has the option of the plain print and also the patchwork version and the lumbar style cushion really looks like it could be used as a cot pillowcase.
It is also available in a mint and grey combination which is also very sweet yet modern. They are both limited as I only have bought a small amount of the fabric.

I also have some surprises coming up with a giveaway for subscribers to celebrate the one year birthday of the blog..wow time has flown.

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On the sewing machine… geometric quilts


This fun and colourful quilt is already off to its new home but I thought I would share just how lovely these simple styles turn out.

They are a perfect option for a modern nursery where you can just incorporate all the colours you like without committing to any kind of theme or child like prints.

I also have another in the works for a very contemporary nursery which is just in the intitial stages but i think its going be so strong and I do love the aqua, grey and black together.


It will be a stronger version of this quilt which has more grey so it comes across a little bit softer.  And the triangle print is my own design..i like how it works in with so many different fabrics and colours.

And here’s another combo that is so popular right now..I hope to make up something like this at some point..or can take an order.



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On the sewing machine…

modern patchwork quilt by alphabet monkey



Also an update..if you have been following on Facebook you would know that all the pirate/ skull quilts have gone prior to listing. The aqua and grey skull quilt only lasted a couple of days online and the last elephant quilt is now gone. I hope to get going on some more elephants but have some cute surprises for you very soon..especially those of you who like a pirate theme. i will keep you up to date so if you contact me if I am doing something you may like.

I have also received some fabric that i designed myself which is very exciting ..some are triangles and geometric designs which are very popular in fashion and interiors right now. I have incorporated them in the geometrics range as i have been picturing..one is almost finished with my own fabric so I will be excited to show it to you very soon. I think the simple patterns should fill the void for strong contemporary quilts that can be used in the ‘no theme’ nurseries that we are seeing more of.



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Little Whale Update; finished look



So the little whale quilt featuring the birch fabrics is finished and I thought I’d show you the end result.  The bad news is that this is one has already been claimed..the good news is that I made two so will have one listed in the shop shortly.

Also I mentioned I had two skull/pirate quilts almost done..well one is gone so we are back down to one.  Also the aqua skull quilt set is listed..this one has no appliqué so is a slightly cheaper price point.

Have a good weekend..


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